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Tons Of Features & Integration

Tons of features that allow you to promote and connect your brand to mass audiences
Project Campaign Manager

Create multiple named Project Campaigns with their own Mobile Link Pages, Vanity Links, and Shortened Links

CTA Branded Link Shortener

Shorten and manage links. MyLinksAt's Call-To-Action Branded links drive a higher click-through versus basic branded and non-branded links.

On-Page Music Play

Visitors can hear your Soundcloud, Spotify, or Youtube Music Playlists without leaving page.

On-Page Video Play

Visitors can watch your TikTok, Youtube, Vimeo, or Twitch Videos right on the page.

MyLinksAt integrations icons
Analytics & Statistics

Know who's clicking on your links, how often, from what device, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, and more.

Receive Calls From Page

Allow visitors to your page to easily contact you via Mobile and Whatsapp in one-click

Email & Maillist Collection

Capture visitor email addresses to you Mailchimp mail list or directly to your email catcher.

Flexible Customization

Easily change your background colors and images, button shapes, text colors, animations, and more.

QR Code Info Capture

Your Mobile Link page QR(Quick Response) code allows quick capture and share of your link page.

Deep Linking

Link to content inside apps in Google Play Store and IOS App Store that regular links can't access.

Social Sharing

Display all your social media account icons for visitors to easily share, visit, follow, and subscribe.

Link Scheduling

Schedule specific days and times your links live and turn off at specific times. Great for special content and product release dates.

Whatsapp Calls

Allow Whatsapp users to contact you directly from your Link Page via your Whatsapp account.

Google Analytics

Gives you the ability to add Google Analytics tracking data on Mobile Link Pages.


Powerful SEO gives you the ability to change the Title and Meta Description of all your link pages.

UTM Parameters

UTM parameters link your added URL tags to be sent back to your Google Analytics for tracking.

Facebook Pixels

Use pixels to track and retarget anyone who visits your IG bio with advertisements

In-Depth Statistics

Give you segmented user insights based Referrals, Countries, Devices, Browsers and more.

Font Options

Gives you the ability to pick a font of your liking from a list of extra premium styled fonts.

Amazon Affiliate Linking

Link and title all of your Amazon Affiliate products for users to purchase in one-click

Global Domain Usage

Gives you the ability to switch between branded domains for different scenarios.

Etsy Store Product Linking

Track and Re-target social media account visitors to your Etsy store and products.

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    Signup and Registering is Free! You can create Project Campaigns, Mobile Link Pages, Vanity Call-To-Action, URL's, Shortened Links, and much more. You can upgrade anytime easily right inside your dashboard.

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    Create A Package Campaign

    Once registered and logged into your dashboard, create your first Project Campaign. Under that you can create multiple mobile Link Pages, Vanity Links, and Links per your package level chosen.

  • 3
    Share Your Mobile Link Page

    After creating your Link Page you can customize it to fit your brand, add advanced link types, then share it where and whenever you share your content in emails, bios, blog posts, and video description areas.

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