Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program pays you for directing your audience, followers, or customers to join MyLinksAt. Affiliate marketing programs like ours don't require any fees and are easy to set up, so there's no risk to you.
  • Recurring Commissions
  • 30% Commissions
  • 30 Day Cookie window
  • $5 Bounty Commission for free trial signup

Get Paid Telling People About MyLinksAt

Make money telling people about the product you love
  • Tell People About MyLinksAt

    Create email campaigns, social posts, videos, etc that contain your special Affiliate Link and tell people how MyLinks can help them.

  • Share Links and Ads

    We track everyone that click on your links and ads. You get paid per every click of a ad or link. You can track your progress in your MyLinks account dashboard.

  • Get Paid Monthly

    Every month following the month you received clicks on your links and ads you will receive payment directly. You can track your earning in your account dashboard.

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